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All sessions will be held virtually over Zoom

Session Types:

Intro scratch

(Grades 3-8, anyone who doesn’t know scratch)

In this workshop, we will teach students fundamental computer science concepts and how to use the online coding platform Scratch. No experience is necessary.

Build whack a mole

(Intermediate scratch experience, grades 4-8)

This workshop will guide students through making a whack-a-mole game on Scratch. This project is geared towards students who enjoy making art on the computer and customizing the graphics of their game. 

Build a cheese puff game

(Beginner scratch experience, grades 3-5)

In this workshop, students will build a highly interactive, customizable game using beginner computer science concepts. This is recommended for students that have completed Intro to Scratch and know how to use loops, if-then statements, and variables. 

Build doodle jump

(Intermediate scratch experience, grades 6-9)

This workshop is recommended for students who have attended our camp before and have already made Flappy Bird or feel confident in their Scratch abilities and are ready for a challenge. 

Intro HTML

(Grades 5-9) 

In this workshop, we will teach students the basics of creating their own webpage. This is perfect for students who want to show off their creativity and build something completely personalized. It’s great for students both with or without computer science experience.

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