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Reviews from Parents

“Every day they both came out saying how awesome the day was.  They have both voted your coding camp as best camp ever (and they do a lot of camps:).  You and your team do such an amazing job balancing learning about coding and making it so much fun for the kids.  Thank you for all the prep, planning, and exceptional execution that goes into these camps.  Also thank you for your communication.  Your introduction email the day before camp and the follow up email after camp is very appreciated. “

“You and the other instructors really inspired my daughter this summer; she came home from camp and spent hours tinkering with her code and applying the concepts you discussed. We were blown away by how much she learned in a short period of time. I appreciate the initiative you all took in setting up this camp and especially engaging girls in STEM. And I especially appreciate that you gave her some extra challenges. Hope to see you again this summer!”

“Thanks for another great week of this camp! I really appreciate the way you all inspire and challenge these kids. Always impressed by your professionalism. My daughter has done this several times now and just loves it.”

“My son loved camp with you all so much.  He was excited to tell us all the new things he learned and how much fun he had. He can’t wait sign up again in the summer.”


“My son loved camp… he would come home each day and walk in the door saying "another great day at coding camp!" It will definitely be a highlight of his summer.”


“You have put together a really great program. I am amazed at your ingenuity and organizational abilities! I know my son would love to participate again.”

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